Suckley School

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Autumn Term


Children have been put into two groups 


GROUP 1 -                          GROUP 2 -                                       

Home Learning Contract

Come one! Come All!

Woodpeckers have joined the circus! On the success of 'The Greatest Showman' and Mrs Bradford being a bit of a musical fan! We are learning all about history of B T Barnum and how a circus has evolved and changed over the last few centuries.

We are creating our own circus characters and will bring them to life in our own story!


We will be using the Book ' Leon and the Place between' in order to stimulate our magical senses and see what we may find!


We will be learning circus skills such as juggling and walking on a 'tight rope'


FORCES and Magnets Research


We have been recruited by a toy company to help research toys which use magnets and forces such as push and pull! I wonder what we will create! 

Measuring Movement