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Autumn Term 2019


Harvest Bread Making!

In Robins we have been learning about the Harvest Festival as part of our British Values! We talked about how Harvest was originally called 'lammas' meaning 'Loaf Mass' we looked at the Christian faith and how the bread was used in something called communion.


We made a bloomer loaf and will be writing instructions as part of our learning!


The smell of bread filled the corridors and classrooms! 

Harvest Bread Making!!

We found a penguin!


Well would you believe it! We came back from assembly one morning and we found some unusual footprints in our classroom. Whatever the creature was it had webbed orange feet!

After some investigating we discovered a giant penguin in our maths area! A note said how he had lost his best friend and would Robins mind helping him!


We were on the case straight away and decided in our English lessons to create a found poster to place around school to see if anyone had lost a penguin. In order for us to help find his owner we used expanded noun phrases and adjectives to help make sure we described him well!

Lost and Found - The penguin's friend was found and wrote a story based on their adventures! Robins are going to write their own version!

Mad Maths!


These past few weeks in Robins class we have been using concrete equipment to show counting objects, ordering objects and sorting. In year 2 we have been using this opportunity to consolidate our learning and investigate and problem solve! 


Our Maths minds were on fire that day!!


Math Minds at Work