Suckley School

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Spring Term 2018

Cycling for Sport Relief

Making vegetable dyes

Making vegetable dyes 1
Making vegetable dyes 2
Making vegetable dyes 3
Making vegetable dyes 4
Making vegetable dyes 5
Making vegetable dyes 6
Making vegetable dyes 7
Making vegetable dyes 8
Making vegetable dyes 9
Making vegetable dyes 10
Making vegetable dyes 11
Making vegetable dyes 12

Hockey in the snow

Hockey in the snow 1
Hockey in the snow 2
Hockey in the snow 3
Hockey in the snow 4

Handling Roman artefacts

Handling Roman artefacts 1
Handling Roman artefacts 2
Handling Roman artefacts 3
Handling Roman artefacts 4
Handling Roman artefacts 5
Handling Roman artefacts 6
Handling Roman artefacts 7
Handling Roman artefacts 8
Handling Roman artefacts 9
Handling Roman artefacts 10
Handling Roman artefacts 11
Handling Roman artefacts 12
Handling Roman artefacts 13
Handling Roman artefacts 14
Handling Roman artefacts 15

What amazing artists and gymnasts we have in Woodpeckers

The Romans

Picture 1

Investigating Roman ink

Investigating Roman ink 1
Investigating Roman ink 2
Investigating Roman ink 3
Investigating Roman ink 4
Investigating Roman ink 5
Investigating Roman ink 6
Investigating Roman ink 7
Investigating Roman ink 8
Investigating Roman ink 9
Investigating Roman ink 10

Investigating Jelly

Investigating Jelly 1 What we need.
Investigating Jelly 2 We used the same amount of water in each glass.
Investigating Jelly 3 We put the jelly in at the same time..
Investigating Jelly 4 We timed how long the jelly took to melt.
Investigating Jelly 5 The jelly in the hot water melted first.
Investigating Jelly 6 The jelly in the warm water hardly melted.
Investigating Jelly 7 The jelly in the cold water did not melt at all.
Investigating Jelly 8 The jelly dissolved in the water when stirred.

Jelly and cream volcanoes

Jelly and cream volcanoes 1 We used a straw to make the conduit (pipe)
Jelly and cream volcanoes 2 The cream was the lava flow
Jelly and cream volcanoes 3 A syringe of cream was the magma reservoir
Jelly and cream volcanoes 4 The syringe created a lot of force
Jelly and cream volcanoes 5 The cream found new routes through weaknesses

Alex has created a PowerPoint presentation

Ready, Steady or Go?


“I like to start at ready because you can work your way up- it’s a bit like a warm up for your brain.” Joe


“We like to work at steady, because it’s not too easy and not too hard. It’s just right for growing our brains.” Grace. P and Poppy


“We like working at steady, because if we find it too hard we can try ready, and if we find it too easy we can move to go!” Will and Lexie


“I think steady is like a year 3 go, and I am in year 3 so I like to keep growing my brain.” Ollie


“I like to work at steady because I am confident working on my own at this level.” Tess



“I like to start at steady because I like to challenge myself, and I know if I know the answers I can move to go.” Harry


“I sometimes work at steady, and sometimes at go. If I understood really well, I challenge my brain with go, but if I think it’s a bit tricky I start at steady.” Alex T



“I like to always start at go because I love to challenge my brain, but I know if it’s too challenging I can always try steady.” Oscar


“When I’ve finished my work I like being able to help others by explaining how to complete the challenges.” Ava




“If I’m finding my choice a bit tricky on my own, I can find a partner and have good learning discussions to solve the challenges together.” Seb