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Spring Term 2017 Polar Explorers & Perfect Pets


What a treat!!


World book day and a Husky Visit in one day!!


Wrens and Robins were thrilled to have the chance to meet and chat to a world champion Vickie, who kindly visited the school and showed us how to care and understand the time an effort it takes to care for a Husky.


The children asked many wonderful questions and even learnt about the history of the breed as well as a funny story or two!


Wrens and Robins were impeccably behaved when meeting these working animals and got up close and personal with these beautiful creatures!


What a wonderful few weeks we have had! 

Since starting our topic ' Wanted: The Perfect Pet' Wrens and Robins have be fortunate enough to meet some wonderful animals and their fantastic caring owners!


So far we have met a hedgehog, guinea pigs, dogs both pet and Olympic champion Huskies and a Shetland pony.


Word on the grape vine is that even our teacher's pets might be making an appearance soon! 


We are using our meetings to create stimulus for our English writing creating  some wonderful descriptions and stories!