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Spring Term 2017 Extreme Phenomena

Seasonal poetry inspired by The Magic Box by Kit Williams:


Egg Hunt

By Theo Williams

I have hidden my plastic egg


In between the strong, solid branches of a tree

On the leather seat of a dark green tractor, ready to plough the fields

Up, up high in the leaves of a tall tree.


I have hidden my plastic egg


Underneath the rough green bark,

tangled up in the long, winding vines, disguised with the blossoming buds

in the thin branches of a tree.


I have hidden my plastic egg


In the beak of a stone bird

Between two fence posts, quite near rabbit holes

And inside a hollow tree trunk as black as night.

My Spring Time Journal

By Amber McAndrew


I will put in to my springtime journal


The high pitched song of a cuckoo

The soft tweeting of wild chicks

The squawking of migratory geese.


I will put into my spring time journal


A tiny purple flower opening to the world

The delicate fragrance of snowy blossom

And a trumpet shaped daffodil, fresh and new.


I will put in my spring time journal


A spring sunset

And a merry breeze

And a songbird singing of pure joy.


I will put in my spring time journal


A fluffy lamb as soft as cotton

A bouncing bunny of Easter

A buzzing bee in blossom


My journal is fashioned from


The first Easter egg found in hunt

The goldest leaf that can be found

The first flower of spring


I shall bathe in my journal

In the glorious memories of day and night

Season after season, day after day

Then land in spring and stay.

The Easter Egg

By Oscar Stevens


I shall summon out of my Easter Egg


A spring lamb jumping as if it were on a trampoline

The strong smell of garlic on a sunny day

The delicious, yummy, sweet and milky taste of chocolate.


I shall summon out of my Easter Egg


An adorable chick pecking on wood as brown as moon rock

The most cute and valuable on this planet

The feelings rushing through your mind at Easter


I shall summon out of my Easter Egg



The lovely times on the first day of spring

The Easter rabbit dropping off eggs at your house

The fresh smell of life


My Easter Egg is designed out of silver and iron and diamonds

It’s got histories in the lid and magic in the corners

I shall look for signs of life in my box

And find 1,000,000s of examples.

I will get back home and all my brain would be able to see is love.

This week's spellings

Woodpeckers travelled  to Lower Smite Farm to take part in a mission to help a missing geologist to find and identify various rocks. To do this they investigated and identified and even made their own igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks!
For the second part of our theme we travel back to the Stone Age! Very excitingly, we found ourselves in a cave in our classroom, equipped with a torch, searching for cave paintings.