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Spring Term 17

Siberian Huskies


Non-chronological report by Carys Jones

Siberian huskies are the closest relatives to the wolf, yet also have fox in them. As it states in their name, they originated in Siberia in the Arctic Circle. They were first bred in something called the Chukchi designed to help them to hunt and help them through everyday life. Soon came the famine, where everyone ran out of food. Once they started to regain what they had lost, they also had to restart breading huskies, and that’s how todays huskies have not only wolf in them, but fox also!

It is quite visible that there’s a difference:

Fox breeds have shorter lags and ears; wolf bred have longer legs and noses as well as pointier ears.




In the history of huskies, many things come up like Sepla and Togo:

When racing, they got to the end of their track, and needed the other team to do their own bit, but they complained of the cold and refused to go! Sepla and Togo not only did their pit stop, but did the other teams! They completed 100 miles! 50 miles each.

Togo’s story was extremely unusual, he was in a litter of eight, and was the runt of his siblings; he was not fit for racing, so Sepla took him out to sell him. After he had walked home, he had turned round to find Togo had followed him home. This went on for hours, until Sepla realised he had to keep Togo, and went on to be one of the top racers in the UK!


         Past and Present


Back when people first started huskie racing, sledges had simple lines, and the people wore reindeer fur-one of the only warm things possible to wear. Nowadays, they wear man-made clothes; sledges are made out of lighter, stronger substances than wood; have more complicated lines and the dogs wear ‘booties


Husky facts


  • noses dry at night to prevent their noses from freezing!
  • have dark lines around their eyes, like we have sunglasses, to prevent snow blindness! They also produce oil to do the same!
  •  have webbed paws to help them walk on snow!
  •  hair goes right inside their ears to stop frostbite!
  •  can run up to 14mph!
  •  can be all different colours:

Black and white/ white and black (reverse is extremely rare)


Grey and white

Completely white and grey!