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Autumn Term 2017

Hey Ewe! A great finale to a busy term.


Over the next half term we will be looking at the Traditional Tale of 'Little Red Riding Hood' but with a twist! Do we really know the true story? We are going to hear from the wolf himself. 

Should we believe him? Only Robin's will decide!


Image result for the wolf's story: what really happened to little red riding hood



Robins have had a fantastic first half term! We have learnt so much!!


In English we have made friends with a Lonely Beast who lives on a cave on Lonely Island. Robin class were excited to gain such a mysterious friend. We have received letters (and written back!)  we have helped the lonely beast learn about his favourite animal the Shark!!

We took on a day in the life of a Beast using adverbs of time and verbs to think about all the amazing things we achieve in a day!

Image result for the lonely beast


Maths we have focused on place value and all of the ways to make numbers as well as using this knowledge to work with money, measurements and addition and subtraction. We have been looking at numbers using equipment such as Numicon/cubes this has really helped us see the numbers in many different ways!

Image result for numicon addition



POP! Back in time for tea!

POP! Back in time for tea!  1

Time flies when you are having fun!

Robins have been already back in time to the 1950s/60s/70s and 80s in our first lesson with our new topic!

We have been listening to and dancing to some amazing tunes! 


We've Rocked around the Clock with Bill Haley 


Danced and learnt the twist with Chubby Checker


Been to live in  a Yellow Submarine


Dived into Eurovision with ABBA!


And made a huge noise with Madness!