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Autumn Term 2016 Time Travellers

As historians:

This term we have been on a fantastic time travelling journey back to the swinging 1940's.

We are focusing on a child's view of World War II and have been looking at an evacuee's journey from a big city with lots of houses to the quiet countryside.

The children have been fascinated with lots of questions following our Hook day:

- why did children have to leave places like London?

- What did children play with?

- How many rooms where in a house?

- what food did they eat?


On our Hook day Robins tried some warming winter vegetable stock drink to mimic Bovril with some mixed results on likability! We even fell in love with the music of Glen Miller as well as experiencing an Air Raid.


Moving forward we are going to look at WWII posters to keep the home safe. Label our suitcase for our evacuees and write shopping lists for food rations.


As mathematicians:

In maths we have been looking at Place Value and learning how to use equipment in order to solve addition and subtraction problems.

We have been looking at what equipment is best for certain calculations with some really interesting results.


We discovered that for one digit calculations cubes or Numicon were easiest to use. For two digit calculations Base 10 is a good starting point.


Moving forward in keeping with our World War II theme we are looking at money and buying items using a ration book!


As writers: We had some great fun using drama to help us with our story writing skills! We were able to re tell the REAL story of the Three Little Pigs. We were even asked to perform it in assembly by Mrs Marshall! I think the whole school thought we were a great troop of actors!

And to end it off, a Time Traveller's Banquet for friends and family, after dancing to the sounds of Glen Miller.